Monday, March 3, 2014

I Cleaned Up My Act

I had always heard that a cluttered desk was the sign of a creative mind!
Um ...Not!

It seemed like I could never get anything accomplished with-in a certain time frame. I have made enough of certain styles of earrings to know how long roughly they should take. And I wasn't making the time like I should have.
Feather Horse Head Native Style Beaded Earrings

Mailing orders out was a 2-room endeavor. I would print in the craft room/office and then have to go to the dining room just so I could package them. My poor husband was freaking out because many a time I would have my crafts out in the dining room, the front room … basically anywhere but the craft room!

I finally took a step back and realized clutter was not working for me.

 Everything in my office was skewed all over the place. I have no idea how much time I was wasting searching for supplies or needed tools to work on my projects. (pic) I mean, I should be adding a new item to my Zibbet shop daily and I was lucky if I add one a week.

So last night I started the task of CLEANING UP MY ACT!

I had to decide how I wanted things to flow. I decided that production had to be contained in one spot. Shipping needed to be a flowing stream. And all of this had to meet in the middle somewhere. I also had to be able to have the product ready at a moments notice.

Once I wrapped my head around how things should flow, I got the logistics set up. And I had to rearrange my standard thought process.

The desk that I was working on for paper work was way too small to actually process and ship orders. The table that I was using had everything scattered to kingdom come and I never knew where I was laying my tools down at. My finished product was stuck in a corner, where I had to fight to get to it. I had to reverse my way of thinking.

I moved my computer station over to the big table that I WAS using for production. Now my postal scale is on one side of my computer with mailing envelopes under it. My printer/scanner is on the other side o the computer. So now all I have to do is click and print invoices and/or shipping labels. Close the computer, grab the product and package – One fell swoop! Now the only time shipping hits the dining room table is for hubby to run out mailbox on his way to work.

My improved computer/shipping area

The smaller desk is now where all production gets done. All my materials and tools are in arms reach. And finished product is put neatly in certain bins next to the desk for easy access to … you guessed it – the computer/shipping table!
My production area

I am soooo looking forward to seeing how much more I can get accomplished now. Also the smile on my sweet hubby's face when he can sit at the dining room table to EAT and go into the front room without tripping over my crafts.

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