Thursday, May 8, 2014

Gift of a New Day

( ~ This post originated from a status that I had posted on Facebook.  So I decided to tweak it and share here as a blog ~ )

I'm not what anyone would call a "philosopher" but sometimes things happen that make me think.

Do you ever wonder why the Creator gives us a brand new day - EVERY DAY?   Are we meant to live each day the same as the last?  If so, why not just keep the same day all the time?

I believe it is to start with a fresh slate each and every day. How we use this gift is totally up to us. Do we want to do the exact same thing that we did yesterday or the day before and the day before that?  Yet so many folks continue to do the 'hamster on a wheel' thing and just don't know how to jump off.

Or do we use the new day to learn what worked or didn't work yesterday, then change how we did that? Now I do realize that everyone has to do some things the same in order to survive, but maybe we can change 1 little thing to make this New Day better than yesterday.

Perhaps say hello to that person we see everyday but never bother with - that could be a new friend!

Maybe you hit a bad job or got laid off from one. Do you panic or do you use the gift of a New Day to search within yourself and see if there is something better that you don't expect or maybe even find something inside of you that you let get dormant. Open it back up and maybe even find your own income.

Each day is a gift from the Creator and we should honor that gift by doing something different and better with each New Day gift.


  1. That's a great post. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us.

    1. Thanks Keri! And you know how it came to be! Now you can add 'muse' to your credits.