Sunday, July 20, 2014

I've Graduated From Zibbet High ...

...Now it's time to go out into the World!

Well I am glad that I took the time to "un-plug" from Facebook and Twitter over the weekend.  It gave me some quiet time to reflect over the past events.  It also gave me time to decide what and how to do what is best for my growth and the future of my business.

I came to the idea to liken my time with #Zibbet as time spent in High School.  It gave me some wonderful friends.  And I learned some valuable lessons (both good and bad) to learn from that I might not have learned on my own.  And with all of the drama that is going on over this subject, High School is really the best way to describe it - IMHO.

But with my diploma in hand, it is now time to go out into the real world and apply all that I have learned.  I am going to go out with a fresh perspective and look forward to new adventures.  And bigger dreams!

I spent most of yesterday "job hunting" (aka searching for web-hosting options) and found what I believe to be the best job for my qualifications.  But I have to come up with the 'relocation' funds, so until I am able to move to my new 'home',  I will have to continue to flip burgers at my Facebook Page Shop.  I was thinking about just working this job but I realized that not everyone eats at this establishment.  In other words, not everyone uses Facebook, so there might be folks that I am missing serving.  And even once I start my perfect job (my own dot com), I will most likely keep working my ShopTab app on Facebook for those that are looking for a quick idea.  Plus it will be a buffer until things get going at the upcoming shop.

I am hoping for 2-3 orders over the next day or so.  That will give me the money needed to get going with the HostGator site that I want to start ASAP.  But if not, I am working on other options that might take 1-2 weeks to implement.  Again, just like getting out of high school, it might not happen over-night.  But if I plug away at it, IT WILL HAPPEN!!

Now that I have given myself time to breath, I can look at some aspects of the time I spent at Zibbet High quite fondly and yet know there are times that I would just rather forget.  Hopefully, I have made some life time friends with other sellers - both past and current.  I have learned some life and business lessons that I will take with me as I go out into the great big cyber-sales world.

Wow!!!  That really does sound like High School!!

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