Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tired of the Sandbox

*** Warning: No Cute Pictures ***

A little back-story:

Right now I'm sure many of you have heard about the "Zibbet Re-Build".  Maybe you are a shop owner, a Zibbet buyer or just someone who is checking into being a seller or a buyer.  I'm not going to TELL you one way or the other.  Ultimately, it will always be your final choice.  BUT do your research before you make any final choices

I have been with Zibbet since May of 2009.  I honestly thought I was in creative Heaven.  I was new to the world of online sales and had NO CLUE!!!  But I never really got into promoting until the past 2 years or so.  Then I poured myself into Zibbet.  I had some sales.  I'm not going to lie and say I didn't.  But still something didn't feel quite right.  I ignored my inner gut feelings and kept blindly working it.

The Etsy Avalanche Cometh:

In the fall of 2013, the selling venue made some MAJOR changes to their selling platform.  So many sellers were totally heart-broken and migrated to Zibbet thinking they found their creative Heaven, too.  These new sellers were promised the same things that the veterans sellers were told.  Pay XX amount of dollars, provide beautiful handmade, vintage or supplies, and promote your ass off ... and the customers will come.  With the influx of new sellers, the potential for new sales was off the wall.
{{chirp}}  {{chirp}}
Ok, we didn't get the influx of sales we hoped for.  One of the big things was buyers really didn't want to have to 'sign-up' to shop.  In fact, I had been promoting my items on Facebook like crazy.  Many folks fell in love with my jewelry but just didn't want to have to sign up and basically bought from me directly from Facebook.

Ok, So what does this have to do with a 'sandbox'?  Well, I'm getting to that but there is a lot background to cover before we get to playing in the sandbox.

Sooooooo, Zibbet had been 'on the brink' of a site rebuild over the last couple of years.  Now with all of the new sellers that paid for "premium" shops plus all the veteran sellers that already had paid for shops, the powers that be promised that the rebuild was on the way.

Now fast forward over the past few months ....

Pushing my doubts to the back of my mind, I kept on keepin' on and going about my life and business.  Sales were still few and far between, but I was hopeful and excited about the promised rebuild.  I started staying out of the community forum due to a bunch of E drama (that is another issue and has no bearing on this).  I wasn't a major twitter player at the time but had heard about a bunch of former sellers mud-slinging the Zibbet venue.  But I still had my own doubts that I could not put my finger on.
Then I read this blog by Ginger & Waldo : "Hypocrite? Probably.  You Decide."   Finally someone else who kind of felt the way I did.  There was still a lot of Twitter action but it was still just people spewing venom.  A blog that was clear and to the point is much more convincing than 140 characters of hate.  So while I still worked on my Zibbet shop, I checked in on Twitter occasionally looking for some real answers.  Another blog post by Ginger & Waldo appeared : "The Next Adventure: Hugging a Unicorn".  Another feeling of hope and I started making plans to jump ship.

Last week the straw that broke the camels back came in my email.  Zibbet CEO's once again delayed the launch of the Re-Build - yet again!!!!  Enough already.  I realize that functional websites take time but DAMN!!!!  This has been years in production.
So I hit Twitter once more and found a new blog by Heir Loom Angel : "Twisted Bloomers"!!! OMG!  Finally!!!!  Then I kept reading the entire list of postings up to and including :"Early This Morning".  (Please take the time to read all the ones in between - Real Eye Openers!!!


So yes I am leaving Zibbet.  I wanted my shop to die a slow and graceful death.  I still have several sellers that I am friends with (I hope.  That might change after this is published .. LOL!!)
But now the children were running everything.  We have CEO's trolling through social media to hunt #BadHumans and anyone who DARES to disagree.  But a couple sellers didn't even disagree, they just asked questions and shared different things posted by the same CEOs regarding the re-build.  AND THEY NOT ONLY LOST FORUM PRIVILEGES BUT THEIR ZIBBET SHOPS, TOO!!!  With no refund of their unused payments.  And the only reason that Zibbet CEO Jonathan Peacock gives is that because of what they posted on TWITTER???? Give me a break.  That is soooooo wrong and should be addressed.

There has been a bunch complained about and all justified.  But I don't get is why keep spewing venom?  I get everyone is pissed and I don't blame them one bit.  But how they are handling it is crazy.  There are so many talented gifted folks that got screwed, for lack of a better word.  And they have every right in the world to be pissed.  I want to encourage them - they have the goods.  They were ripped off and should get their money back.  I'm not saying get over it.... far from it.  But there are much more productive ways to fight.  They are complaining that they can't get all the hours they put into Zibbet back - and they are right.  But instead of using the time and energy to tweet out such negativity, use that time and those tweets to promote themselves and their business.
I honestly believe that #KillingWithKindness is the best way to win this battle.  Yeah if someone asks you a question, definitely give them an honest answer about what happened.  But constantly posting random tweets that are designed to be hateful, does nothing for your business NOW!!  It only makes you look unprofessional.  The exact thing that the powers that be at Zibbet are. UNPROFESSIONAL!!  There is no way to sugar-coat it.  And I'm not going to destroy what I am working to build by spewing a bunch of (while very truthful) trash-talk.  Read very carefully==>>
I am not saying you are unprofessional, I said it makes you LOOK unprofessional.  Just so we are clear, I personally think you all are great.

I try to build up the other former sellers and try to point out that their actions are making them look just as bad as they are telling everyone Zibbet CEOs are.  But they are so consumed by their anger, the theft of their money, the broken promises, the trolling by Zibbet spies and CEOs who are just looking for something that Zibbet might find offensive(aka truth) and so much more.  They don't want to hear about peaceful solutions or attempting to promote each other.  They just want to throw sand at everyone that won't play the same game as them. (Kinda like Zibbet CEO's)  And for my trouble, I have been called a spineless victim and a hypocrite right on Twitter.  You know what?  That's ok.  While you are taking the time to call me names, even though I haven't lost my shop yet I have invested my time and money for over 5 years.  That is time I won't get back either or money.  Turn the other cheek - OH HELL NO!!!  But the best revenge is to be better than what has hurt you ... not stoop to their level.  You want your money back, then find an international BBB if there is one.  Use that time you spend typing out insults to find a SOLUTION.
Don't let them off the hook but find a productive solution.  Or stay in the sandbox that Zibbet helped create.    While myself and others are rebuilding what can't be destroyed because we do have the courage to search for peace and tranquility;  you can continue to look for ways to fight or you can work on your talent and show the best part of you.
As for me, I'm gonna take my toys, use my time to study and grow.


  1. If the people you criticize had been around on twitter last fall, tweeting what you deplore, hundreds of us wouldn't have been bilked by Zibbet. And you are letting Zibbet off the hook. Yeah, you are displeased, but you do not hold them accountable for throwing kerosene of smoldering embers. I am afraid you have half a story but a whole opinion. Here's some screen shots that might shock you: http://anyoldtime.blogspot.com. Start at the bottom and read your way up.

    1. In all honesty, Robin, I am not out to criticize but to offer up a better idea of how to handle the situation. FYI, your blog is the kind of information that should be promoted - these are the links that should be shared. Beautifully written and clear. I loved it!! THAT is what is needed on Twitter, not just hash-tags of words. True well written facts. Share the links to those.please. That is what people need to read. And thank you for the information!!!

  2. Oh, and by the way, your perception that has been repeated that somehow tweeting the truth as I see it about Zibbet has somehow lessened the regard that BUYERS have, is not borne out by facts. I am having my best ever year. Ruffling the feathers of those with a vested interest in helping Zibbet owners lure unsuspecting new sellers to invest is not hurting me or my business nor that of others who feel compelled to be a beacon toward that which the owners wish to hide.

    1. Please TWEET the blogs - that information is sooo much better!

  3. We only tweet for the truth. It got your attention, didn't it?

    1. LOL!!! To be totally honest, Laura, I honestly bypassed all the random hash-tags. It wasn't until I came across actual blog links by HeirLoomAngel with the zibbet hash-tag that caught my eye. Reading actual facts and not just random hash-tags was more eye-opening. Then when Robin gave me her link here in her comment, I got more info. My daddy always said you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. And in complete honesty, that is the point I was trying to make. I'm just not that great with words and for that I do apologize.
      Now, may I say, that after my post last night I was messaged by several folks that also saw all the random hash-tags going around on Twitter and blew them off. But after reading my post, they started asking me what was going on. I gave them the links to the blogs that I have and they are reading. I don't know if they are responding, but I do know they want NO Part of J&A's scam after reading the BLOGS, not the Tweets. So maybe it is the way that the information is brought out. I can't say for sure, just to each his own.
      Again, I'm not out to be against anyone but many folks are info seekers. That is all I am trying to say.

  4. Good point, Laura! And sometimes it's just fun to poke fun at the absurdities. I've "met" some fun folks through twitter with wry and crazy senses of humor. If you can't laugh...ya cry. :)